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How to Install Truecrypt on Ubuntu Edgy 6.10

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This is a mini-tutorial on how to install, and use, Truecrypt 4.3a on the now venerable Ubuntu Edgy 6.10.

What is truecrypt?

As you can read in Truecrypt homepage:

Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows Vista/XP/2000 and Linux

So with Truecrypt you can encrypt you private files on a disk (on a real disk or on an encrypted file). This tutorial is needed because neither Truecrypt nor Scramdisk (the very useful GUI to use Truecrypt) were not already debianized in Ubuntu Edgy 6.10.


The first thing you need is the Linux kernel source you are running:

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Now you’ll get you Linux sources in /usr/src. Last dependency is dmsetup: Liquid error: ClassNotFound: no lexer for alias ‘shell’ found


Now that we have all dependencies we can get, compile and install Truecrypt:

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OK… we are almost arrived :) Truecrypt now should be compiled and installed… let me know if something is not going as expected and I’ll try to help you out.

What is scramdisk?

As you can read in Scramdisk homepage:

SD4L is a suite of Linux tools and a graphical user interface (GUI) which allow the creation of, and access to ScramDisk encrypted container files. In particular, SD4L provides a Linux driver which enables mounting ScramDisk containers. ScramDisk for Linux also encrypts partitions on a hard disk or storage media such as USB sticks or floppy disks entirely as devices. Version 1.0 and later versions, moreover, support TrueCrypt containers.

Installing scramdisk is easy as using it: it is not packaged by Ubuntu but scramdisk developers debianized it even for the ancient Ubuntu Edgy 6.10:

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The end

OK… hopefully everything should have worked and know you have the latest Truecrypt and the latest scramdisk installed on you PC: put them at good use :)

Let me know if you encountered a problem… I’ll try to help you. Please leave a note even if you find this tutorial vaguely useful and help me to improve it.