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The Raspberry Diary: A Case for the RPi

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As you may already know when you buy a Raspberry Pi you get only the board without any case: now it is time to dress my RPi with a new case. You can use the RPi without a case but after few days you will realise this is not good: our RPi feels so thin in our hands that a new case is a good buy to let it live as long as possible.

The search for the right case

The Raspberry Pi set new limits on what you can get for 25$: one of these limits is how much accessories have to cost. It does not make any sense buy a 50$ case for a 25$ computer and actually is quite hard to find a good looking case that is cost compatible with the RPi. Looking on the net you can find from template to print your own cardboard case (cheap but not so nice) to aluminum cases (very nice look but so much expensive). After few days I found what I think is a good compromise between cost and appearance.


The case I found and suddenly bought is the RPi-Technicase. On the left you can see all the pieces you will find in the package they will send to you: click on the image to see a bigger picture. You will also find clear instructions to follow that are not included in the picture. All components are made from good materials: top cover and base are made in acrylic and screws, spacers, nuts and washers are metal. Mounting the whole case took about 20 minutes and it was very easy: instructions are clear and it is hard to make mistakes.

Here on the right you can see the result once the Raspberry Pi is encapsulated in its new case. As always you can click on the image to see a bigger picture.

Final considerations

I am quite satisfied about this case: it is a good looking product with the right price.


  • Good looking
  • Good instructions
  • Solid


  • The Raspberry Pi can move a bit inside the case: this is the only minor minor minor defect I can see.